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Bushcraft backpacks and bags
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Ferrino Tuscania

Bushcraft bags are essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a means to carry necessary gear and equipment during outdoor adventures. Choosing the best bushcraft bags is important to ensure durability, functionality, and comfort while in the wilderness.

These bags have a historical significance, dating back to ancient civilizations and evolving to meet the needs of modern outdoor exploration.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bushcraft Bags


When looking for the best bushcraft bags, durability is paramount. You want a bag that can withstand the rugged outdoors and keep your gear safe. Bags made from nylon or canvas are popular for their durability and water-resistant properties. However, it’s essential to inspect the seams and zippers carefully to ensure they can endure the demands of bushcraft activities. A sturdy bag can endure rough handling, resisting tears and abrasions, ensuring it remains a reliable companion on all your adventures.


The capacity of the bushcraft bag is crucial to consider when selecting the best one for your needs. Depending on the length of your trips and the quantity of gear you typically carry, you’ll need to decide on a suitable capacity. For longer excursions, a larger capacity bag is ideal, accommodating essentials such as shelter, food, and tools. On the other hand, for shorter trips, a smaller, more compact bag may suffice, providing just enough space for the necessities.


The material of a bushcraft bag can significantly impact its performance and longevity. Nylon and polyester are known for their durability and water resistance, making them popular choices for outdoor enthusiasts. In contrast, canvas and leather offer breathability, but may require waterproofing treatments to enhance their water resistance. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each material can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences while ensuring that your chosen bag meets the demands of your bushcraft activities.


Comfort is key when choosing the best bushcraft bags. A well-designed harness system, padded straps, and ventilation features contribute to a comfortable carrying experience, especially during long treks. Adjustability is crucial, allowing you to customize the fit according to your body shape and size. Additionally, padded back panels provide support and help distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. Prioritizing comfort ensures that your adventures remain enjoyable and free from discomfort caused by an ill-fitting or poorly designed bag.


Selecting a multi-functional bushcraft bag provides you with versatility and adaptability in various outdoor scenarios. The ability to seamlessly transition between hiking, camping, and bushcraft activities offers convenience and efficiency. Pockets, compartments, and attachment points further enhance the bag’s functionality, enabling you to organize and access your gear with ease. Moreover, a multi-functional bag can accommodate additional equipment or tools, ensuring that you’re adequately prepared for any bushcraft endeavor.

Brand Reputation

When investing in a bushcraft bag, the brand reputation holds significant weight. Reputable brands that specialize in outdoor gear often prioritize quality, innovation, and user feedback. Trusted brands have a proven track record of delivering reliable and durable products, earning the confidence and loyalty of outdoor enthusiasts. Prioritizing bags from respected brands ensures that you’re investing in a product with a history of performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Most Popular Bags and Pouches

Ferrino “Tuscania”

Ferrino “Tuscania” is renowned for its durability and versatility. This bushcraft backpack stands out with its 30 + 5 Lite capacity, making it an ideal choice for extended outdoor adventures. Featuring an anatomically shaped back and a reinforced build, it ensures exceptional comfort and support, even when navigating challenging terrains. Additionally, its compatibility with hydration systems and the option for attaching trekking poles make it a multifunctional companion for outdoor enthusiasts. The Ferrino “Tuscania” also captures attention with its innovative design, incorporating multiple pockets and attachment points for gear organization.

Berghaus “Vulcan II”

The Berghaus “Vulcan II” solidifies its position as one of the best bushcraft bags with its unrivaled performance and advanced features. Boasting a spacious Cedar, Size 1 capacity, it caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts seeking ample storage for their gear. With a focus on user comfort, this rucksack features a padded hip belt and adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring a customized and snug fit for extended wear. Its military tactical design further enhances its appeal, with a range of attachment points and compartments for organizing essentials.

Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

The Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack embodies the spirit of adventure with its rugged construction and high-quality materials. Crafted for outdoor enthusiasts pursuing extended wilderness journeys, this pack offers a generous storage capacity and exceptional durability. Notably, its compatibility with wax treatment for added water resistance enhances its functionality for varying weather conditions. Moreover, the pack’s adjustable straps and ergonomic design contribute to a comfortable carrying experience, addressing the practical needs of bushcraft activities.

Sportsman’s Pack

The Sportsman’s Pack is revered for its versatility and reliable performance in diverse outdoor scenarios. With a strategic focus on durability and functionality, this bushcraft bag accommodates the needs of hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Its spacious interior and practical layout ensure efficient gear organization, catering to the specific requirements of each adventure. Noteworthy features include adjustable shoulder straps and a weather-resistant design, allowing users to tackle outdoor challenges with confidence and ease.

Summit Expedition Pack

The Summit Expedition Pack stands as a testament to innovation and practicality in bushcraft gear. With a focus on lightweight design and versatile features, this pack offers an impressive storage capacity without compromising on comfort. Its ergonomic construction and integrated hydration system elevate the user experience, enabling seamless access to water during outdoor pursuits. Furthermore, the pack’s intuitive organization compartments and adjustable load lifters exemplify its commitment to addressing the diverse needs of bushcraft enthusiasts.

Brand Model Capacity Special Features
Ferrino “Tuscania” Backpack 30 + 5L Anatomically shaped back, Reinforced build
Berghaus “Vulcan II” Rucksack Cedar, Size 1 Padded hip belt, Military tactical design
Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack Bushcraft Pack Varies Wax treatment compatibility, Ergonomic design
Sportsman’s Pack Bushcraft Bag Varies Adjustable shoulder straps, Weather-resistant design
Summit Expedition Pack Bushcraft Backpack Varies Lightweight design, Integrated hydration system

Top Features of the Best Bushcraft Bags


Investing in a top-quality bushcraft bag demands water resistance to shield your gear from unexpected weather conditions. The material used should be treated to repel water effectively, ensuring the bag’s contents stay dry in light rain or heavy downpours.

Multiple Compartments

A superior bushcraft bag should offer ample storage options with multiple compartments to keep your gear organized and easily accessible. These compartments enable efficient packing and help in distributing the weight evenly across the bag, preventing discomfort during long treks.

Adjustable Straps

When selecting the best bushcraft bags, one key feature to look for is adjustable straps. These straps provide the flexibility to customize the fit according to your body structure, enhancing comfort and reducing strain on your shoulders and back during extended outdoor adventures.

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MOLLE System Compatibility

A defining feature of the best bushcraft bags is their compatibility with the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system, which allows users to attach additional gear and accessories for versatile functionality. This system enables customization, making the bag adaptable to specific outdoor activities and individual preferences.

Utility Bags for Bushcraft

Types of Utility Bags

When it comes to best bushcraft bags, there are several types of utility bags that cater to different needs in the great outdoors. The essentials include the Bug Out Bag (BOB), which is designed for emergencies and evacuation scenarios, the Go Bag for quick getaways, the Car Bag for vehicle-based survival situations, the Get Home Bag for short-term use during commutes, and the Every Day Bag for daily carry items and tools. Each of these bags serves a distinct purpose, offering bushcrafters diverse options for various survival and outdoor activities.

Examples of Utility Bags

Numerous best bushcraft bags showcase remarkable features that make them stand out in the market. One such example is the BULBAG USA, known for its exceptional functionality and durability, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking premium gear organization. Another renowned example is the range of backpacks, bags, and rucksacks available at Self Reliance Outfitters, offering top-quality options for day trips and overnight camping excursions. These examples demonstrate the diverse array of utility bags that cater to different bushcraft needs, ensuring individuals find the best fit for their outdoor endeavors.

Benefits of Using Utility Bags for Bushcraft

The utilization of best bushcraft bags yields numerous benefits that enhance the overall outdoor experience. Utility bags with hip belts are integral for distributing weight evenly and providing extra support during physically demanding activities such as climbing or long hikes, promoting comfort and reducing strain. Additionally, these bags offer supreme gear organization, ensuring all essential items are stored efficiently and remain easily accessible, contributing significantly to seamless bushcraft experiences. Furthermore, utility bags contribute to the preservation and safety of outdoor tools, promoting their longevity and ensuring they are readily available for use when needed most.

Understanding the Oilskin Haversack

Definition of an oilskin haversack

The oilskin haversack is a crucial gear for every bushcraft enthusiast. Constructed from a sturdy and water-resistant material, it serves as a reliable bag to carry essential tools and supplies during outdoor excursions. The characteristic waterproofing of the oilskin fabric sets it apart, offering unparalleled protection against the elements. This haversack is expertly designed for short camp ventures, providing easy access to bushcraft tools, emergency supplies, and provisions without compromising mobility or comfort. Its durability and water resistance make it a staple in the kit of every outdoor enthusiast.

Benefits of using an oilskin haversack for bushcraft

Utilizing an oilskin haversack presents a myriad of advantages essential for bushcraft activities. The water-resistant nature of the fabric ensures that critical supplies remain dry, even in inclement weather conditions, safeguarding equipment such as fire-starting materials, maps, first aid items, and rations. Furthermore, the haversack’s robust construction and lightweight design allow for easy maneuverability while hiking, foraging, or engaging in bushcraft tasks. Its ergonomic features ensure that bushcrafters can access necessary equipment swiftly, fostering efficiency in addressing outdoor challenges and emergencies, thereby enhancing the overall bushcraft experience.

Example of a high-quality oilskin haversack

An exemplary high-quality oilskin haversack is the “Outback Oilskin Haversack.” This rugged yet stylish haversack boasts exceptional craftsmanship, renowned for its durability and functionality. Crafted with attention to detail, it offers ample storage compartments and secure closures to accommodate various bushcraft essentials. The adjustable shoulder strap provides customized comfort, facilitating extended wear during outdoor explorations. Additionally, the wax-infused oilskin material exemplifies superior water resistance, ensuring the protection of gear and supplies against moisture, a vital feature for traversing diverse terrains. The Outback Oilskin Haversack stands as a testament to the fusion of practicality, reliability, and rugged elegance in the realm of bushcraft bags, making it a top-tier choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Bushcraft Catch-All Bags

Definition of a catch-all bag

A catch-all bag is a versatile and multipurpose receptacle designed to hold various items and essentials while venturing into the great outdoors. Crafted using heavy-duty materials such as waxed canvas or genuine handcrafted leather, these bags are specially built to endure rugged terrains and unpredictable weather conditions. Their design allows for easy access to tools, survival gear, and personal items, ensuring that everything required for a bushcraft adventure is conveniently organized and readily available.

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Usage of catch-all bags in bushcraft

In the realm of bushcraft, catch-all bags are invaluable assets that contribute to efficient organization and accessibility. These versatile bags serve as a reliable storage solution for survival essentials, including fire-starting tools, first aid kits, navigation equipment, and food provisions.

Their durable construction and well-thought-out compartments make them ideal for safely securing items while on the move, whether hiking through dense forests, setting up camp, or engaging in various wilderness activities.

Catch-all bags play a crucial role in optimizing the bushcraft experience by facilitating quick retrieval of necessary gear, promoting readiness for any situation that may arise, and ultimately enhancing overall preparedness and safety in outdoor environments.

Examples of popular catch-all bags

Brand Material Features Price
Bushcraft Pro Waxed Canvas Multiple exterior pockets, adjustable shoulder strap $59.99
Wilderness Wander Leather Handcrafted, weather-resistant, dual buckle closure $89.95
Forest Forge Gear Ripstop Nylon MOLLE-compatible, hydration bladder compartment $74.99
Outland Essentials Water-Resistant Modular attachment points, padded shoulder strap $49.95
Survivalist Supply Military-Grade Versatile layout, protective foam-lined interior $99.99

These examples illustrate the diverse range of catch-all bags available in the market, catering to different preferences and requirements of bushcraft enthusiasts. Each offering unique features such as material durability, specialized compartments, and ergonomic designs aimed at enhancing the outdoor experience.

Recommended Amazon Products for Best Bushcraft Bags

Here’s a curated list of products that can help you achieve finding the best bushcraft bags with ease. These recommendations are based on durability, capacity, material, comfort, multi-functionality, and brand reputation.

Ferrino “Tuscania”

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Ferrino Tuscania

The Ferrino Tuscania is recommended for its durability, water-resistant material, and adjustable straps. It also has a good brand reputation and is highly rated in customer reviews.

Berghaus “Vulcan II”

Product 1 Product 2
Berghaus Vulcan Ii

The Berghaus Vulcan II is a top recommendation for its multiple compartments, Molle system compatibility, and high-quality material. It is also known for its ergonomic design and proven durability.

Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

Product 1 Product 2
Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

The Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack is highly recommended for its capacity, comfort, and adjustable straps. It is designed for rugged outdoor use and provides excellent water resistance.

Sportsman’s Pack

Product 1 Product 2
Sportsman'S Pack

The Sportsman’s Pack is a top choice due to its high brand reputation, multi-functionality, and water-resistant material. It also offers a balance of capacity and comfort for extended outdoor activities.

Summit Expedition Pack

Product 1 Product 2
Summit Expedition Pack

The Summit Expedition Pack is recommended for its durable material, multiple compartments, and comfortable design. It is favored by outdoor enthusiasts for its high functionality and rugged construction.

Top Recommended Product for Best Bushcraft Bags

If you’re looking for the best solution for finding the best bushcraft bags, we highly recommend the Ferrino “Tuscania”. Here’s why:

Product 1 Product 2
Ferrino Tuscania

The Ferrino Tuscania offers exceptional durability, water resistance, and adjustability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. It is highly rated and widely praised for its functionality, comfort, and overall value.

Ready to improve your bushcraft experience? Check out the Ferrino Tuscania today for the best results!

Product 1 Product 2
Ferrino Tuscania

Pros and Cons Table for Recommended Products:

Product Name Pros Cons
Ferrino “Tuscania” Durable, water-resistant, adjustable straps, ergonomic design, highly rated Slightly higher price point, limited color options
Berghaus “Vulcan II” Multiple compartments, Molle system compatible, ergonomic design, proven durability, high-quality May be heavier compared to others, limited color options
Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack High capacity, water-resistant, comfortable design, adjustable straps, rugged construction Limited color options, may lack some modern features
Sportsman’s Pack High brand reputation, multi-functional, water-resistant, balanced capacity and comfort Limited color options, may not be suitable for extended hikes
Summit Expedition Pack Durable material, multiple compartments, comfortable design, high functionality, rugged construction May have fewer color options, capacity may not be sufficient

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you put in a survival bag?

What To Put In Your Bug Out Bag: Mylar blanket, mylar sleeping bag, lightweight tarp, bivvy, sleeping bag, wool blanket, all weather tent, foam pad or Therm-a-Rest.

How do you pack a bushcraft backpack?

Bushcraft Gear | Ex Royal Marine shows you How To Pack: I use an externally framed backpack with around 50l but you can lash stuff to the frame and the pack.

How do you pack a bushcraft bag?

Bushcraft Gear | Ex Royal Marine shows you How To Pack: So in my Sabre 45 backpack, I use an Ortleib dry bag which has 57 litre capacity. This way the dry bag conforms to the inside shape of the pack and you have.

How much should a bushcraft pack weigh?

Pack weight: I normally range between 15-25 pounds depending on season and location. I dehydrate most of my food so that doesn't add much in the long run.

What's in my bushcraft kit?

What's in your essential kit?: First Aid Kit, bandages, gauze pads, medical tape, splint, tweezers, lip balm, moleskin, insect repellant, sunscreen, small signal mirror.

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